Terms and Conditions
Special Notice

Ownership and operation rights of Mob belong to Guangzhou Zhangtao Network Technology Co., LTD. To obtain the service provided by Mob, the service user (hereinafter referred to as “the User”) has to agree to the terms of this agreement and finish the registration process according to the hints on the page. The User expressly agrees that they accept all the articles of the agreement by clicking the “Agree” button in the registration process.

Service Content

Guangzhou Zhangtao Network Technology Co., LTD provides the User with Mob service based on the actual situation. Mob reserves the rights to alter service contents.

General Rules of Conduct

When signing up for ShareSDK services and/or products, the User must provide genuine and accurate personal information. The User shall inform without delay our customer service staff Through telephone, QQ or other means of any change to the personal information (email address, ID card, contact number or account information, etc) during the use of Mob service. Otherwise any potential loss shall be borne by the User. Upon successful registration. we will provide an account and password for each user. The User shall understand and accept the responsibility to keep the account and password properly, as well as any liability for activities and comments made by the account. The User must obey the following rules when using the Mob services:

1.The User shall not submit to Mob any content which:

  • is against the basic principles of the Constitution;
  • may endanger national security, disclose classified national information, subvert the government or undermine national unification;
  • may harm national honor and interests;
  • may incite ethnic hatred or discrimination, or undermine ethnic unity;
  • may violate national religion policy or promote heresy and superstition;
  • helps spread rumors, disturb social order or undermine social stability;
  • helps spread obscenity, pornography, gambling , violence, murder , terror or encourages a crime;
  • insult or slander others, or infringe others’ properties or rights;
  • Include other contents prohibited by laws, administrative rules and regulations.

The User’s account shall be banned if they employ any unfair means to harm interests or reputation of other users or Mob.

We shall have the right to terminate financial settlement or our service to the User upon their violation of one or more of the above articles.

Ownership of the Content

Any content submitted to Mob by the User shall be owned together by the User and Mob, and shall not be copied, reproduced, distributed or modified by any organization or individual without the User’s consent.